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  • Dear Visitor,

    As the senior partner of this survey, consulting and management company I welcome you to our web-site.

    Our aim here is to give you but a glimpse into our daily work: Dealing with out of the usual situations, often on behalf of parties far away from the actual happening and with only limited understanding of the conditions at this end.

    From simple pleasure boats to megayachts requiring commercial management… we survey new and used vessels to determine their condition and value for parties with vested interest and to ascertain and evaluate damages to these vessels.

    Thank you for your interest in marineSOLUTIONS. We shall be happy to answer your questions any time.

    Yusuf Civelekoğlu

    Cert. Marine Investigator

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    “One should always say what one sees. Moreover, and often more difficult, one should always see what one sees.”
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    General refits, repairs of incident damages, overhauls,… all require competent involvement from the owners/ instructors side.
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    “First, do no harm.”

    marineSOLUTIONS supply management support…

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  • Testimonials

    • “I must note that I was very impressed with the thoroughness of the work performed by your office.” (A Lawyer)
    • “Das hat ja anscheinend super geklappt, wenn ich den Kunden so am Telefon höre! Also Lob an Euch!” ein Versicherer
    • “Following the inspection of refitted yacht today, I consider the project to be fully completed and a total success.”
    • “The quality of materials and workmanship are of the highest possible standard.”
    • “I consider the yacht to have been repaired to a quality condition “like new”. The consortium that carried out the work are to be highly recommended.”
    • “Marine Solutions have been the perfect partner in making this project work. I want to thank everybody who made this project such a big success and most especially Cem, whose organisation and logistics skills made everything happen so perfectly and on time.”
    • “The surveyor is a pain in the a..!” (A broker)
    • “Yusuf, tolle Arbeit, die Du hier geleistet hast. Das hat Ergebnis hat wissenschaftlichen Charakter – ich weiß das sehr zu schätzen! Vielen Dank für Euren Einsatz auch schon von Beginn an bei der Bergung!”
    • “Yusuf, excellent performance. The result has scientific character – and I know to appreciate it! Many thanks also for your team effort with the salvage right from the start!”
    • “Dear Yusuf, as expected your final report is outstanding and will be helpful in fine-tuning our repair work.”
    • “So please advice the client that we do not accept anybody else than Yusuf. So she can insure that vessel in China or Kasachstan.”
    • “Dear Yusuf, dear Naci, Thanks for this fantastic job! We are really glad that you´ve been in charge for this and you proofed one more time that we can count on you.” (sic)
    • “We greatly appreciate your meticulousness and the enormous energy you have put into this case. Your comments will be invaluable during cross-examination.”
    • “We have gone over your draft carefully and must say you are a star. The report is excellent.”
    • “Ich danke ihnen nochmals für ihre große Hilfsbereitschaft! Ihren Namen und Adresse habe ich bereits in unserem Havariekommissarsverzeichnis eingegeben!”