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marineSOLUTIONS is a leading provider of survey, consultancy and management services for the marine industry.
We are based in Turgutreis, Turkey.

We handle all kinds of marine issues, incidents and losses in a proactive, comprehensive and effective manner.

Our survey team consists of a boatyard and repair management professional with a scientific background, an experienced captain and a materials engineer experienced in yacht damages. Between us, we can tap into more than 70 years of hands-on experience in handling, managing and servicing commercial and pleasure marine craft as well as salvage, surveying, project management, claims management and reporting.

You can put your trust in marineSOLUTIONS. We promise to put your interests first – with no exceptions – and we provide personal service combined with outstanding quality. With every commission, large or small, we aim to meet and exceed your expectations.

On the shop floor, our technology is up to date and our prices are competitive. We take pride in the added value we create – you benefit from the difference we make.

As a result, we are privileged to be the first and only choice for many of our loyal customers.

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Dr. Yusuf Civelekoğlu, CMI, Partner/ Senior Surveyor

Born to a family of engineers and scientists Yusuf grew up in Istanbul, with a deep affection for the sea. It was in Istanbul that he started to sail dinghies. At sixteen he was apprentice on a commercial ship. Following studies and a career as a scientist in Germany and the United States at some of the most coveted science establishments, he found himself spending his time more and more back on sailing dinghies. Several years of blue water cruising followed and eventually he settled down in Bodrum, in his cutter, and started his own repair company. Shipyard management and profound repair work, briefly interrupted by some extended cruises mark now over twenty years of his life.

In 2003 was approached by an insurance claim manager to assess a claim. Meanwhile many parties close and far have grown to appreciate Yusuf’s hands on the job approach on one side and his knowledge of the bite of the wind and salt on the other. His background, his profound knowledge of yachts together with his ability to structure knowledge into appropriate words in three languages has been appreciated continuously and eventually as of 2012 he shifted into full time survey, averaging and supervision work.

Yusuf is one of the first Certified Marine Investigators (IAMI) in Europe.

Capt. Naci Arıcı, Partner/ Surveyor

Naci was born into a family of shipwrights and seafaring people. At sixteen he ran away from his native Marmaris and joined fishermen in Holland and later oil riggers in Norway. There he got to know the bite of the Ocean. He received his degree as a captain in British Columbia/ Canada and has completed nine ocean crossings. Eventually he returned to Turkey as a sail training instructor. In 2008 he met Yusuf and as of 2009 he has been working full time with him. Naci is, amongst other things, an expert on the Red Sea and with several complex and major survey and salvage work he debuted in the yacht claim’s world.

Cem Baykent, BSc., Material Science Engineer and Surveyor

Following his studies as a materials engineer and his military service in the Turkish Navy. Cem joined Bureau Veritas as a surveyor. He then operated his own yacht repair company in Fethiye for some years. As of 2010 Cem moved to Bodrum where he acted as a project manager for some major repair work. Cem is skilled, amongst other things, in submarine repair and maintenance, large yacht repair coordination, diesel engine issues, analysing material defects in general, and overseeing building and refit work. Cem joined marineSOLUTIONS at the end of 2012.


  • Integer and senior attitude.
  • Experienced in reporting with – so far – more than 600 damage surveys, yacht evaluations and condition survey reports and more.
  • Competent with substantial practical experience particularly in seafaring issues and ship-repair matters. Fully knowledgeable with state of the art technology. Excellent command of the English and German languages and nautical expressions.
  • Networked with numerous memberships and contacts all around the globe. Cooperation with intelligence centres and exercising a free exchange of information within practices of the marine survey profession.
  • Profound local knowledge.
  • Dynamic and proactive teamwork.

Some of our clients are listed as follows:

  • MCS Marine Claims Service, Hamburg
  • Wehring & Wolfes GmbH, Hamburg
  • Sirena Marine, Pendik & Yalova
  • CClaims Service, London
  • AIG Europe, Hamburg
  • Hypo Alpe-Adria-Bank International AG, Vienna
  • Galram Surveyors & Adjusters Ltd, Israel
  • Hill Dickinson LLp, Londra
  • Sunseeker Yachts, Istanbul
  • Pantaenius A/S, Sweden
  • Pantaenius Inc., New York
  • Pantaenius GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg
  • S.A.M. Pantaenius, Monaco
  • Pantaenius Spain S.L. , Mallorca
  • Pantaenius UK Limited, Plymouth
  • Mannheimer Versicherung AG, Germany
  • Kaddar Insurance Agency, Israel
  • esa EuroShip GmbH, Hamburg
  • Uniteam Yachting Ltd. Cyprus
  • GSM Gesellschaft für Service-Management mbH, Hamburg