Your Marine Surveyors in the Eastern Mediterranean…


“One should always say what one sees. Moreover, and often more difficult,
one should always see what one sees.”

Jean-Yves Girard (b. 1947)

What is the Function of a Surveyor?

Expert witness and Court Survey. Support parties with a vested interest in a marine vessel. Personal support.

Surveys of regular Nature

Pre-Purchase Condition Surveys


This is the most comprehensive type of inspection, and is strongly advised when purchasing a new or used vessel. Condition and operation of the vessel is examined in detail. Headers covered are, amongst other things, structural integrity, electrical systems, the propulsion system…
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Surveying Wooden Craft


Out of all craft the wooden craft are most elaborately built, are most complex and will require special background knowledge of the surveyor. Building a wooden boat has many steps, from selecting the timber to preventing and curing rot…
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Special Surveys

Special surveys are required when the owner of a vessel sees need to ascertain particular and somewhat limited aspects of the vessel. This can be done in order to obtain insight about particular issues, or to probe a different and possibly novel approach, an independent and knowledgeable opinion about a subject already under discussion, or it can be in order to have an independent expert witness an issue in professional manner for future use.

Issues can be related to manufacturing/ refitting defects or simply may be related to critical aspects of wear and tear.

Reports can be carried out about one, isolated aspect, like engine performance, or, hull evaluation of wooden vessels (softening, rotting, fasteners, caulking and more) or vessels in GRP (osmosis, locating previous and repaired grounding damages) or in steel (plate thickness, weld conditions, material specs and more). Often it makes more sense to put together several queries and thus give the Surveyor a chance to get acquainted with the Vessel in a somewhat comprehensive way on one hand and also to obtain better quotes.

Attached please find a sample report, where we have bundled two entirely independent issues of a sailing yacht, namely the engine compression values and an evaluation of the standing rigging.

We welcome your enquiry about any special report you may think of.

Insurability Survey

This inspection is performed so that an insurance company can determine whether they wish to take on the risks of the subject vessel – or not. Insurers are interested in the structural integrity, seaworthiness and safety precautions for the intended use. Almost all insurance companies require a survey on older boats. They will also want to know the vessel’s fair market value. We will carry out such survey in a reasonably short time and will not let ourselves distract by issues, which we deem of no relevance to insurers.

Flag State Surveys

Flag states are also interested to receive periodical reports about the structural integrity, seaworthiness and proper maintained safety equipment of the subject vessel. We carry out such surveys for the Swiss and Israeli flag – among others. The surveyor will remain locked on the requirements of the state, who, by permitting to wear their ensign, speaks up with guarantees, often implicit, about the safety of the vessel’s crew and passengers.

Valuation surveys


Valuations and valuation surveys and investigations are everyday tasks in the yacht business and are part of our range of services. Our valuation surveys are based on current valuation algorithms and on our own market observations and meet the requirements of accepted legal practice.
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Construction/ Refitting Surveys

Confirmation of construction status (milestone survey), quality and conformity control and partial and final acceptance surveys, all carried out without compromise in the interest of our instructors.

Warranty Inspections

Surveying vessels prior to the expiry of the warranty period and examining defects for their origin and allotting responsibility for the defects are areas in which we can act for our instructors competently and professionally.

Surveys related to Incidents

Collision, fire, machinery damage, material or design faults, burglary, embezzlement….Establishing the cause of damages, ensuring that the damages are repaired to acceptable standards and to fair repair costs is one of our core businesses.

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Special Examinations

A number of special examination of predominantly physical and chemical nature support inspections and the decisions derived from these inspections. marineSOLUTIONS often resorts to such examinations to corroborate and substantiate the inspections. Some of the special examination categories carried out by marineSOLUTIONS are listed below.

  • Oil Analysis
  • Fuel Analysis
  • X-Ray Crack and weld Testing
  • Osmosis testing
  • Noise and vibration level recording
  • Plate Thickness Measurement
  • General humidity measurement
  • Non-destructive materials testing

Court and Administrative Issues

Surveys for Flag and Insurance Requirements

Expert Witness at Courts

Introducing IAMI

The International Association of Marine Investigators (IAMI) is a non-profit international organization dedicated to combating marine theft and insurance fraud. (To read further please follow this link…)