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The sailing yacht owner requested marineSOLUTIONS to mount a bowthruster onto his boat.


A bowthruster of a certain make and specifications was chosen in conjunction with the yacht’s owner, the budget and time schedule for the installation were determined and the yacht was hauled out to dry-dock.

Work step 1:

The point to which the bowthruster would be mounted was identified.

Work step 2:

After the centre for the tube hole had been marked off and the hole drilled, it was checked for parallelism.

Work step 3:

The hole for the tube was opened with a special cutting compass and the edges were smoothed.

Work step 4:

Epoxy was placed in the tube housing and the tube was centered in the hole and insulated with epoxy resin, the original material.

Work step 5:

The extraneous length of tube protruding from the hull was cut off and levelled down.

Work step 6:

The opened area on the hull was laminated with fibreglass.

Work step 7:

After the area around the tube inside the boat had been laminated with epoxy and fibreglass, it was levelled out to improve its uniformity with the hull. The section was then sanded and smoothed down and painted.

Work step 8:

The bowthruster motor was installed, and the electrical connections completed.

Work step 9:

Epoxy resin was applied to the exterior of the yacht as well as to the smoothed down open area around the tube.

Work step 10:

When the paste had dried it was sanded down to the same level as the hull, and epoxy primer paint was applied.

Work step 11:

Two coats of antifouling paint were applied.

Work step 12:

The yacht was launched and handed over to the owner.

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