Manage and oversee installation of a bowthruster on an aluminium sailing yacht. This kind of installation requires, next to dry-docking in a suitable environment, a shop, which can coordinate engineering work, metal and electrical work, as well as some paint work.

Steps for Installing the Bowthruster:

  1. Recommend suitable bowthruster and installation details.
  2. Determine suitable shop and dry-docking environment. Receive and evaluate quotes and time-schedule.
  3. Have the yacht haul out to dry-dock.
  4. Identify exact location for the bowthruster tube. Consult criteria in the thruster’s installation manual and determine conditions of the hull.
  5. Check carefully for the  correct orientation of the bowthruster tube.
  6. Mark the hole on the hull. A special cutting compass can be used both for marking and for cutting/ milling the hole perimeter. Smoothen hole edges.
  7. Machine tube to required diameter. Place tube into the bowthruster bore. Mark tube’s cutting line and machine aperture for the thruster leg. Consult manual.
  8. Remove tube and cut to lengths. Consider that around the tube the hull will have to be shaped. Consult manual.
  9. Carefully weld tube into the bore. First tack and then weld around. Inert gas welding is required.
  10. Sand or grit blast exposed bare metal and prime.
  11. Install  bowthruster motor and leg, wire electrical connections. Carefully test system on hard.
  12. Model shapers around the thruster with epoxy filler.
  13. Apply antifouling.
  14. Launch vessel, carry out seatrials, hand over vessel.

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