“I consider the yacht to have been repaired to a quality condition “like new”. The consortium that carried out the work are to be highly recommended.”


General refits, repairs of incident damages, overhauls,… all require competent involvement from the owner’s/ instructor’s side. marineSOLUTIONS will attend such processes and oversee and report to instructors in an objective, loyal and knowledgeable manner.

Below are some of the fields marineSOLUTIONS is able to provide expert assistance on to instructors:

  • Defining Expectations and setting up Quality Criteria
  • Planning and Implementation of Building, Refitting and Repair Projects
  • Acting as Representative of the Owner and/or Party with vested Interest
  • Preparation of clear and attainable Refitting Specifications
  • Monitoring compliance to Specifications, Supervision of Building and Repair Work

Supervision of new builds and repair work is primarily concerned with quality assurance and time constrains during the construction process. This includes confirmation of the milestone achieved for each agreed payment stage, photographic documentation of the progress, testing and final acceptance of the vessel, including the issuing of completion certificates and the “punch-lists”.

Building a yacht is a highly complex process that involves a process of planning and construction with fixed deadlines, normally taking several years. To coordinate such a project, professional advice and cost and progress control are vital, as is checking the building specifications – or even adapting specifications to changing constrains – and monitoring their implementation. We aim at detecting potential “de-railings” and other problems and bottlenecks at an early stage in order to optimise the process.

This service can extend from single inspections (snapshots) to an ongoing on-site supervision service (overlooking the process) and can be appropriately adapted and agreed on to suit the project.

Progress, Cost and Accounts Reporting – Flag State and Registration

For Flag State Survey please follow the link.
The requirements of various flag states can vary significantly and selecting the right flag for your yacht is an important decision often involving convoluted and complex procedures.

Through our local and international knowledge we can offer you competent advice and support to register under Turkish, USA and under flags of other countries.

Turkish Charter Licenses, enabling your yacht to carry out legitimate charter activity in Turkish waters, can also be arranged.