Incident and Damage Surveys

Collision, fire, machinery damage, material or design faults, burglary, embezzlement….Establishing the cause of damages, ensuring that the damages are repaired to acceptable standards and to fair repair costs is one of our core businesses.

We act swiftly and proactively. We go beyond recording and simply reporting the physical damage and we provide continuous guidance to our instructors throughout the damage assessment process. We produce detailed specifications of damage repairs on both hull and machinery major casualties.

We carry out investigations into the “root cause” of major failures in order to prevent re-occurrence. If applicable, we advise routes of recourse.

We regularly carry out interviews and collect the statements of parties involved in damage investigations.

We arrange and then oversee salvage operations, sometimes on board the casualty and throughout the operation, closely collaborating with the salvage master for ensuring safe and successful results.

We assist in the tendering and repair process, being involved with negotiations and settlement of the repair costs, having gained deep knowledge of shipyards’ practices and costing in the regions we operate throughout the Eastern Mediterranean.

Providing loss assessments for pleasure craft and yachts following accidents of all kinds is our daily business. We specialise in surveying marine damages and losses.

We are able to draw on the assistance of experts in all areas, both within the company and externally, to ensure the appropriate and individual treatment of every damage incident.

Courts rely on our expertise to establish the facts of incidents.


Imagine a collision involving two (or more!) vessels of two different flags and the collision happening under the jurisdiction of yet another, further, state. Such incidents require swift and knowledgeable action and to convince authorities that the vessel, which is represented, will not defect over the border. We have handled a significant number of such incidents, small and large, and are always ready to act upon a call.

Other Incident Surveys We Cover Are:

  • Groundings
  • Flooding, Sinking
  • Fire and Explosions
  • Mast and Rig Failure
  • Sail and Canvas Damage
  • Heavy Weather Damages
  • Machinery Failures
  • Theft, Loss, Embezzlement

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