Gloss Measurement

Gloss Measurement of Paints and Gelcoats on Boats

Gloss is an important aspect of our visual perception of objects. Boats are of no exception.

Surfaces with high reflectance are perceived as glossy, shiny or lustrous, whilst less reflective surfaces are perceived as semi-gloss or matt.

Gloss measurement of yacht's finishing
Gloss measurement of yacht’s finishing

The gloss of a boat’s beautiful cosmetics may deteriorate with UV, applied chemicals, saltwater and regular wear and tear during her life. Also, the gloss of a newly applied coating (paint or gelcoat) might be of question.

At marineSOLUTIONS, our surveyors measure the gloss of boat coatings and surfaces with an optical instrument called a gloss meter. The gloss meter is a useful instrument for objectively measuring the gloss of a surface. Our gloss meter is capable of taking measurements in three different angles (20°, 60°, and 85°) which covers the entire coating applications. It provides quantifiable gloss measurements, expressed as gloss units (GU).

Some examples subject to our gloss meter measurements are as follows:

  • Gloss of coatings during the build process and pre-delivery at the shipyard
  • Gloss of coatings during pre-purchase inspections
  • Gloss of newly applied paint after a topcoat work
  • Gloss of repairs
  • Gloss of interiors such as varnishes