Çelebi (Celibacy) Island, Bitez, Sigir (Görecek) Island and the Ada (Island) Narrows
Consult Piri Reis

The jetty of Bitez, to the left (N 370 01,9′ E 0270 24,4′). Çelebi island (N 370 00,5′ E 027021,6′) to the right. Behind Aspat and Karaincir. Kos Island at the horizon. Bitez is a convenient shakedown hop to the West from Bodrum or to the East from Turgutreis. Breezy in summer. Bars, restaurants, amenities, good transport to Bodrum.
The Ada Narrows (N 370 00,3′ E 027022,3′) between the Anatolian mainland and the Sigir (Görecek) Island. View towards SSW.

In red the approximate passage between the mainland and the Sigir (Görecek) Island. Suitable for vessels with about 1,5 m (5 ft) of draught or less. Mind also the incredible level of detail and accuracy of the British Admiralty chart below, recorded under sail and only with classical navigational means.

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