The Idyma Rock Tombs

On the northern shores of the Idyma river, just at the roadside, you will see a necropolis of rock tombs. The legend at the tombs reads as follows. The section about Alexander the Great is interesting:

“These tombs belong to the necropolis of the antique site of Idyma. The central main tomb is a provincial imitation of Ionian style architecture. These tombs are wrongly called “Lycian tombs” because they are mainly seen in the area of Lycia, but are found up to the south of Bodrum (Halicarnassos) in the Carian region. The burial chamber is entered through the entrance room (The Prostas). The burial chamber was made for two persons – probably for someone of the vicinity of Idyma and one family member. The two unadorned chambers flanking the main tomb are thought to belong to the lesser household members. Most probably these tombs belong to the Hellenistic Period (330-30 B.C.). Their unfinished state could be a result of the Great Alexander’s raid of this area in the 4th century B.C.”

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