Gökova – Karacasöğüt

Gelibolu, Cleopatra Islands, Karacasögüt, English Harbour
Gelibolu (N 360 59,7′ E 0280 14,7′) Sehir Oglan (Kleopatra, Sedir, Cedrea, N 360 59,6′ E 0280 12,3′ ) Islands. 

The crystal clear waters of the Cleopatra Islands and the dramatic sight.

Karacasögüt (N 360 56,5′ E 0280 11,2′) 

Degirmen Bükü (Ingiliz Limani, N 360 56,0′ E 0280 10,0′)

English harbour: It is said that an English ship of war hid here in the Second World War. A number of excellent anchorages. Sometimes access to the southern interior is limited, as there is the presidential summer estate located at the east bay. Poor overland contact, some restaurants of questionable reputation, poor provisioning. Very beautiful walks through pine and liquidambar forests.

At the end of the 1980’s the former president of Turkey, the late Turgut Özal, had Gökova declared to be a National Park. Sadun Boro, the grand old man of Turkish sailing and unofficial but influential adviser to President Özal, had much contributed to that. Alas, both Sadun and the late Özal’s power were not enough to stop the power plant construction in Ören. Sadun used to spend several months a year on board his Atkin designed double ender Kismet in English harbour. Kismet has now been decommissioned and is at the Rahmi Koç Museum. Sadun now lives on a catamaran. The mermaid at the mouth of the bay is his reminder to the mariner to have a sharp eye on the nimble balances of the National Park.


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