Gökova – Löngöz

Löngöz, Tuzla, The Seven Islands
Löngöz (N 360 55,9′ E 0280 05,7′)Löngöz (a name perhaps derived from longo, alongo, long) is the home of the “Ayici” family. Ayici means the bear hunter, or it may also mean “plunderer of beehives” – you can choose. I can testify, though, that I have seen bear hides in this area. Excellent anchor ground, some amenities. Still quite inaccessible from land.

Some views of Löngöz

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Mustafa, the patriarch of the “Ayici”s. Legend has it that even during his national service he kept his moustache.


Tuzla (Ballisu, Salines, N 360 55,4′ E 0280 01,8′)

Tuzla is a long and narrow creek in west to east direction. Beware of the Karamuk Rocks at the entrance. Incidentally best anchorage is right to the south of the entrance.


Yedi Adalar (N 360 51,7′ E 0280 01,6′)

The Yedi Adalar (Seven Islands) is the home of Kambur Kemal, one of the families who dwell since old times in this very remote area. Several excellent anchorages, including the Küfre (The Curse) creek, just large enough for one boat or maybe two. Liquidambar trees all around. Good walks. Local honey available.

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