IAMI News – The Release


“Europe to my left, Asia to my right. And most importantly, we are out of the Black Sea.”

So had a beaming surveyor Damir Baf of MCS described his first moments in the Turkish Straits.

All who attended Tallinn last year will remember Damir’s breathtaking presentation about “Large Yacht Recovery”, but also the sore feeling that at that time the outcome of the case was not at all certain.

Well, in a very international, professional and joint performance under the lead of Pantaenius’ Michael Kurtz, a team of insurers, surveyors, agents, advisers… have finally accomplished the release of the vessel from a corrupt warzone.

Well done, all!


Image: Courtesy MCS, Pantaenius Insurers
Text: Dr. Yusuf Civelekoğlu, CMI, Member Steering Committee Europe