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The International Association of Marine Investigators (IAMI) is a non-profit international organization dedicated to combating marine theft and insurance fraud.

IAMI’s Mission

To develop and provide high levels of training to law enforcement, insurance investigators, and other marine professionals. Working and training together with both public and private sectors to combat marine theft, arson, fraud and other criminal activity in the marine environment.


The objectives of IAMI, as stated in its constitution and by-laws, are as follows:
• Provide marine theft investigative training;
• Develop and disseminate educational materials to combat marine theft and fraud;
• Provide a forum for the discussion of marine theft and related investigative activities and other topics of interest;
• Promote marine theft prevention and suppression;
• Encourage cooperation between law enforcement agencies and marine organizations;
• Focus on the needs of the marine community;
• Unite for the mutual benefit of those persons who are eligible for membership;
• Accumulate and disseminate information of interest to all members;
• Eliminate all factors that interfere with the administration of justice;
• Operate as a non-profit organization.


Each year IAMI holds two major training seminars. IAMI U.S. holds a three-day seminar and IAMI Europe holds a 1 ½ day seminar in conjunction with their annual business meeting. The training is open to law enforcement, insurance investigators, Coast Guard officials and other marine professionals. Some topics normally covered at the seminars are:
• Marine theft & fraud
• HIN formats
• Trailer serial numbers
• Outboard and inboard serial numbers
• Gaining and dissemination of intelligence;
• Bank & insurance fraud investigations
• Fire/arson investigations
• Updates on changes in Coast Guard regulations and policies
• Admiralty law
• Accident investigations
• Raising, tracing, and lifting HIN’s

Map showing principal boating crime routes. Red numbers: Stolen boats. Green numbers: Recoveries. With kind permission of Boote Magazin, Situation as in 2005 - numbers have grown since then.
Map showing principal boating crime routes. Red numbers: Stolen boats. Green numbers: Recoveries. With kind permission of Boote Magazin, Situation as in 2005 – numbers have grown since then.

Certified Marine Investigator

IAMI initiated the Certified Marine Investigator training and testing in 2003. This designation will ensure that marine investigators are qualified in various aspects of marine-related investigations; marine terminology, cause and origin of fires, forensic photography, investigative techniques, admiralty law and insurance fraud.

IAMI and Turkey

Turkey is on the crossroads between the West and the East, between South and the North.
The Turkish Mediterranean coastline is scene to marine crime, in particular human trafficking.
The Turkish Straits permit delivery of stolen/ embezzled yachts into the Black Sea – usually a “route of no return”.
Law enforcement agents and Insurance agents have an interest in closing the door for crime between Europe, the Middle East and the Black Sea.

Ibizia: Yusuf during a presentation at the IAMI annual conference in 2013.
Ibizia: Yusuf during a presentation at the IAMI annual conference in 2013.


Principal partner of marine SOLUTIONS, Yusuf Civelekoğlu, was proposed for IAMI membership in 2011 following several successful recoveries which involved networking with IAMI members, in particular recovery of an embezzled catamaran in Bodrum, which had been reported lost on the Seychelles.

Yusuf was elected as member of the IAMI Europe Steering Committee in 2013 and is currently the Chairperson of IAMI-EU. Presently he is co-organising the annual conference to be held in Šibenik, Croatia, in October 2018.

Yusuf is a member of the Certified Marine Investigator examination committee.

marineSOLUTIONS’ partner Capt. Naci Arıcı and surveyors Cem Baykent and Tufan Tunalı are IAMI members.

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IAMI’s History

The concept of IAMI began in 1986 when Major Dave MacGillis of the Florida Marine Patrol organised and published the Vessel Theft Investigators National Roster. The roster was intended to assist investigators combat marine theft, a high profit, low risk crime that was out of control, by providing contact persons from various agencies involved in marine theft investigations. The initial roster contained the names of nearly three hundred law enforcement, insurance industry, and marine community representatives who had agreed to provide assistance in the investigation of marine theft, insurance fraud, or title fraud cases.

In 1989, the first three-day training seminar was held in New Orleans, LA. The following year, 1990, the National Association of Marine Investigators (NAMI) was formed. As NAMI grew, our membership increased both nationally and internationally. In 1996, NAMI became the International Association of Marine Investigators (IAMI). We are now represented by marine professionals from all over the world. Whether your case is local or a country away, IAMI members are ready to lend a hand. Worldwide networking is one of the best benefits of IAMI.

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