“First, do no harm.”

corpus hippocraticum

marineSOLUTIONS supplies management support and advice to owners and their captains, capable of handling the full spectrum of yacht operations from supervision of refit projects to budget controls and financial reporting.

We ensure that your yacht is being maintained, operated and administered to the highest possible standards. You can just enjoy your time on board as every detail is being taken care of.

Our qualified staff take care of these logistical and technical issues and organise all the background tasks to assure a carefree time on board, giving top priority to safety and functionality.

Designing and Managing Tendering Procedures

Arranging and Implementing Actions to minimise Loss

In the event of damage marineSOLUTIONS provides rapid and uncomplicated assistance. One aspect of claims management is to quickly introduce measures to minimise the damage, such as salvaging, preservation, drying and similar. In addition we manage the handling of repairs, transfers and the safeguarding of recourse claims.

Particularly in cases of major losses, rapid professional involvement is indispensable and calls for proper organisation by experienced specialists with international partners. We also offer this service at international level for damage to luxury super yachts to provide help and advice at all times.

Arranging Salvage Operations

Repair Logistics

Repair logistics in Turkey can be different from elsewhere. Many workshops provide custom manufacturing services for all prototypes. On the other hand importing parts can turn out to be cumbersome. marineSOLUTIONS has a vast experience in managing repair logistics.

Management of Maintenance and Refit Work

Implementing Planned preventive and statutory Maintenance

Crew Management

Managing Delivery