Ottoman Sailing Ships (A remarkable book)

Mr. Ahmet Güleryüz, the distinguished artist and author of several maritime books, including the well known study of THE OTTOMAN STEAM NAVY [1]has just come up with a very remarkable book.

Ottoman Sailing Ships from Galleys to Galleons
Particulars of Ships and Their Equipment

This is a Turkish/English study of the Eastern Mediterranean ships. It starts with the galleys of the thirteen and fourteen centuries and includes, furthermore, a transliteration of Diyarbakirli Abdülhamit’s Particulars of Ships and Their Equipment [2], a navy technical handbook from the beginnings of the nineteenth century, describing the sizes, the weights and the equipment details of the Ottoman Navy Sailing Ships, giving their sail plans with the centers of forces, the conversion tables to European units and much more.

The book contains a wealth of very detailed and most enjoyable drawing foldouts by the author, the details of the miniature and copper engravings, the old scantlings, some photographs of the vessels that survived into the age of photography… Every page of this book can be recommended wholeheartedly to the interested mariner.
The book’s price of approx. € 50.00 is well worth the money. It can be obtained through Denizler Kitabevi, Istanbul.

Ahmet Güleryüz
Denizler Kitabevi (September 2004)
ISBN 975–98677–0-2
Cpt. Turgay Erol

[1] THE OTTOMAN STEAM NAVY 1828 – 1923, by Bernd Langensiepen and Ahmet Güleryüz, Conway Maritime Press (1995)
ISBN 0 85177 610 8
OSMANLI DONANMASI 1828 – 1923, by Bernd Langensiepen and Ahmet Güleryüz, Denizler Kitabevi (2000), Istanbul, ISBN 975-94818-2-0, in Turkish/ English
[2] In this edition the “Particulars” are predominantly kept in Turkish; it would be most welcome that an English translation will follow in the next editions.