The Hittites

Yesterday (May 15th, 2002), I went to Yalıkavak Küdür. The reason behind my trip was to render an opinion about a problematic old wooden door. Once completed my task, I got into a conversation with Prof. Manfred Blanke, owner of the house. He was an archaeologist and a Hittite expert. Below is a summary of our one hour long conversation shedding some light onto our Anatolian ancestry.

The Bay of Miletus and the Latmicus Sinus

The fertile plains of the Menderes River, or the Meandros, form the northern border of Caria. For a mariner, one of the many fascinations lies in the fact that these plains have formed only relatively recently and continue to form: Their extension into the Aegean Sea increase by several metres per annum. So here we have the chance to travel over sea, or to be more precise, over what used to be the sea, by foot, on a bike or another land vehicle.

How do Spray like Rust Stains caused by Flying Iron Dust form and how is this problem fixed?

“For some time I have been storing my boat in my friend’s metal factory to keep it safer. But I think it was a mistake. When I was doing a general cleaning a few days ago, I saw some rust stains sprayed on some parts of the stern area and the cockpit. My question is the following: How can I clean this rust? On a small part I used auto polishing and cream cif. They both clean it, but neither of them provide a deep cleaning. I do not prefer the auto polishing, because it causes very thin scratches. The cream cif causes no harm. I need a cleaning agent that will get rid of these kinds of stains and spots and will not harm the boat.”

Having Diving Tanks Tested

When I was about sixteen I did what I would never recommend to anyone today: I built my own diving tanks. Three jetfighter crew oxygen tanks from the air force scrapyard and two ordinary industrial valves for oxygen tubes formed the core of the concoction…

The Marmaris bay

The Marmaris bay is very well protected and has difficult wind conditions due to the surrounding steep hills.