IAMI branded Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon

The IAMI president produces this IAMI branded Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon in Oklahoma. Two bottles of it have traveled from the 2016 conference site in Knoxville,Tennessee all the way to Bodrum, Turkey and were eventually enjoyed by our IAMI surveyors and staff. I believe that this is unique among competing associations. À votre santé!

Sadun Boro 1928 – 2015…


A sailing legend passes away at 87

Sadun Boro, the Turkish sailor, has passed away at the age of 87 while being treated for cancer in Marmaris.

Sadun and his wife Oda circumnavigated the globe in 1965-1968 in their 10.5m Atkin designed wooden double ender, the “Kısmet”. On board was also their cat “Miço”. At an age of no fax and internet they managed to send very frequent updates about their journey to Turkey, which were published weekly by the Turkish “Hürriyet” and were highly popular reading.

Glorious Osman Music Troop in Tokyo!


“In Memory of the Ottoman Frigate Ertugrul: Glorious Osman Music Troop in Tokyo”

Main street at Shibuya Tokyo, 6 June 2015 in commemoration of 125th Anniversary of Ertuğrul Fırkateyni sunken by a typhoon off Kushimoto, Wakayama.

With respect to Turkey, Tetsuro Inaji, M/Y Hydrangea

Waste Holding Tanks


Some Design Guidelines

1. Try to arrange the bottom of the tank to slope towards the suction outlet pipe.
2. Try to position the inlet so that solids do not need to migrate across the bottom of the tank.
3. Vent the tank with a minimum of 1/2″ bore non-collapsible hose. Avoid water traps in the vent line.
4. Try to avoid long pipe runs.
5. Empty tank before it is full so that solids do not enter the vent pipe.

A Brief Guide to Marine Sanitation



Portapotties require no plumbing; they may or may not have a reservoir for flush water. Bowl contents drain by gravity into a removable tank which is carried off the boat and dumped, although some larger models can be fitted for pumpout. Very little water is used in the operation. Capacity is 10 – 25 litres.

The Heads (Marine Toilet)

Manual pump heads are just what the name implies: you pump water in and out of the bowl manually. They are designed to use “raw” (sea, lake or river) water for flushing. The amount of flush water can be controlled to some extent by how much you pump. It is possible to add an electric motor (typically 12v DC current) to some models; the motor simply replaces your arm in activating the pump.

Custom HDPE (high density polyethylene) Tank Making for all Purposes


High density Polyethylene (HDPE) tank systems overcome the persistent corrosion problems of stainless steel and mechanical failure of flexible bags.


HDPE, next to being versatile and durable, will ensure an almost condensation free environment for fuel and will provide water clean and free of any undesired taste for the galley. We have been involved in replacement tanks for boats previously fitted with mechanically unreliable flexible bags or stainless and aluminium tanks with electrolysis problems.