Surveyors are exposed to many, many stories. Most are solid. Some are inconsistent taken at face value. In between these two, there are those which are not fully inconsistent, ready to provide their subtle sensations once one digs into them. “What a coincidence” the surveyor may think now and then “that every gold watch sinks with the vessel, but its invoice is saved without exception.”

For those with a background in natural sciences: These instances do comply with the first law of thermodynamics, they seem to be consistent; but they try to defeat the second law – they are highly unlikely, if not impossible.


Or metaphorically:

Mullah Nasr al Din borrowed a cauldron from his neighbour.

Within time he returned it with a second, smaller cauldron in it.

The neighbour asked what that was.

“A child. Your cauldron gave birth.”

The neighbour was more than startled, but preferred to keep quiet.

Time passed. The Mullah asked to borrow the cauldron yet again.

The neighbour was very forthcoming.

More time passed. The Mullah never returned the cauldron.

The neighbour went to reclaim it.

“Unfortunately your cauldron has died.” was the Mullah’s answer through the door ajar.

The neighbour was not pleased and lamented “How can a cauldron die, oh Mullah!”

“Well, if you appear to believe that it can give birth, then you burden yourself to believe the death of the cauldron.”

I wish you all a good week.