Surveyors’ Experience with Crafts of the Ferretti Group


The senior surveyors of the marineSOLUTIONS team, Capt. Naci Arıcı and Dr. Yusuf Civelekoğlu, have been at some stage part of a Ferretti Master Service. Formed on 31.3.2009, this was, at that time, the first and only Ferretti Master Service outside Italy. The Ferretti Group used to appoint only few of their service points as Master Service, and only if a service point had proven to be able to carry out complex repairs consistently to a good standard.

As the Ferretti Service and later the Master Service, we have experienced thousands of issues with the group yachts, thus covering almost all aspects of the vessels. One incident, namely, the grounding of an 88 foot Ferretti, we remember very well.

That 88 foot motoryacht had run aground at full cruising speed. She survived, came off and was fortunate to be quickly towed to and drydocked at a marina nearby.

As can be imagined, the vessel’s aft had suffered severely. All propulsion elements of both sides – from props to gearboxes, were heavily damaged. Both brackets were stowed in, causing heavy structural damage to the aft sections of the vessel. There was significant flooding damage.

Our staff inspected the vessel and prepared a quote, which was eventually approved. In that process, we patiently dealt, next to the captain, with the owner, the insurance surveyor and the insurers. Then we arranged for the spare part logistics, the repairs, the sea trials and the vessel’s delivery.

In the interim, additional requests from the owner started to come in due to our good performance. In the end, we completed a list of more than 300 work orders in addition to the grounding damages.

Before the incident, the vessel had been neglected for a long time until the crew took her over. This deferred maintenance had created issues in addition to the grounding and flooding damages. We replaced the generators, sanitized the fuel tank, and dealt with a serious termite invasion inside the wall panels and the floorboard frames. We managed to resolve the severe Naviop irregularities.

The project lasted only 12 weeks, and the budget exceeded 300.000 Euros.

The delivery of the vessel was a complete success for both parties.

The vessel left the marina at the onset of winter and sailed to Italy.

About three months later, we received an unsolicited and sincere letter of recognition from the captain. He thanked us for providing “high-quality work and great service” according to European standards.

It is much desired that a surveyor has a background with hands-on experience in the subjects he deals with.

Dr. Yusuf Civelekoğlu, CMI

Some Images from the Project


Propellers after the incident


Hull structure around the p-brackets


Re-laminated hull


Re-laminated interior


Re-bonded shaft logs – interior and exterior views


Fuel tank before – after photos


Left: Condition of the interior walls and floorboard panels. Right: Capillary roads of the termites.


Condition at the launching