IAMI branded Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon

The IAMI president produces this IAMI branded Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon in Oklahoma. Two bottles of it have traveled from the 2016 conference site in Knoxville,Tennessee all the way to Bodrum, Turkey and were eventually enjoyed by our IAMI surveyors and staff. I believe that this is unique among competing associations. À votre santé!

Surveyors’ Experience with Crafts of the Ferretti Group


All three surveyors of the marineSOLUTIONS team, Cem Baykent, Capt. Naci Arıcı and Dr. Yusuf Civelekoğlu, have been at some stage part of a Ferretti Master Service. Formed on 31.3.2009, this was at that time the first and only Ferretti Master Service outside Italy. The Ferretti Group appoints few of their service points as Master Service, and only if a service point has proven, in a consistent manner, to be able to carry out complex repairs to a good standard.

As the Ferretti Service and later the Master Service, we have experienced thousands of issues of the group yachts and thus covered almost all aspects of the vessels. One incident, namely, the grounding of a Ferretti 881, is of particular importance to us.